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Buried! [Feb. 25th, 2011|04:33 pm]
There is now about eight inches of snow on the ground. About six inches fell early this morning as I slept, but after a break of a couple of hours the storm showed a sudden burst of energy and dropped about two inches of popcorn snow in less than an hour. It's gone back to regular snowflakes now, and they are still falling. I woke to a cold house. The power was out for over four hours. The computer forgot what time it was and I had to go into setup and reset the clock. I'm sure it's off by a couple of minutes at least. The modem lost its DSL and i futzed around for quite a while before getting reconnected. The cable is out, too, and I rely on the cable box to tell me the right time.

My newspaper got delivered before most of the snow fell, and now I have no idea where it is, apart from under about eight inches of snow, somewhere on the driveway. The only reason I know it was delivered is because I could see the delivery guy's tire tracks coming a few feet up the drive. Nobody else would have driven up there. I guess I'll have to wait for the snow to melt before I get the paper, and by then it will probably be soggy. I'm sure not going to try digging for it. The snow shovel is still trapped in the shed in the back yard. Must remember to bring it out after this snow melts off and before another storm arrives. And assuming the house doesn't collapse from the weight of snow. If it keeps falling at its current rate we'll have over a foot of it within a few hours.

More power outages are very likely, so I'm going to let the computer go back to sleep. If the cable doesn't come back on I'm in for a night of reading, provided I don't run out of batteries for my portable lamp. I don't like snow storms.