rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hitchcock Moment

Walking home, as I passed the last vacant lot along the field behind the orchard, I became aware of a sound like a high-pitched calliope playing several songs at once. I looked across the lot and saw two bare trees filled with birds. The variety of chirping, trilling, twittering, cheeping and whistling was astonishing. There were about twenty birds in one tree, and at least thirty in the other, and it sounded as though all of them were singing at once. At least some of the birds must have been some sort of lark. They had a song very similar to that of the meadowlark I heard the other day, but more complex and much faster. Somehow, their song seemed to tie together all the songs of the other birds and make it something other than cacophony. I think I may have been witness to the early stages of some sort of avian orgy. As far as the birds are concerned, spring, it seems, is here.

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