rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Crunch Time

Well, rats! I've broken a tooth. It's an often-filled molar, and this time the inner side of it lost a chunk. Spalling! It hasn't started to hurt yet, but it will have to be looked after soon. There will have to be a crown for it, at the least. My mouth will have more crowns than Europe! It's going to be expensive. The broken tooth will lead to a broken bank account.

I just hope it doesn't lead to root canal. Tunneling is even more costly than coronation. Either way, I'm going to run out of money sooner than I'd expected. Now I'll have to decide what to cut from the budget first. Foods likely to contain stray bits that might damage teeth are a good candidate. Goodbye, olives!

It's a nice, sunny day to be setting up dental appointments. Portia has found herself a bright corner of the driveway, warmed by hours of sunshine, where she has curled up to watch the afternoon. In a little while, birds will probably visit the lawn, and she'll stalk them. It's a good day to be a cat. A cat with no broken teeth.

Oh, and the garage door made a horrible screeching noise when I opened it this afternoon. If it just needs lubed, no problem, but it sounded like something worse. Maybe it's something that can be fixed by a nephew. If not, more expense.

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