rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Thursday Has Escaped!

I might have to start watering the yard already. The recent rain was little more than a heavy mist, and no more is in sight. It's unseasonably warm, too. If this keeps up, a lot of the money I save on using less gas for the furnace I'll end up spending on more water for irrigation. But it can't be helped. Summer must bring jasmine!

It looks like Alger had an abscess on his tail. There's a scabby spot with fur missing from around it. Most likely he got it bitten in a fight,probably with Tommy Two-Tone, who is still hanging around despite the fact that I've gone back to chasing him off every time I see him. Alger and Farah both avoid spending much time in the back yard, and I'm sure it's because they fear Tommy.

Oh, crap. It's Friday already. Why does the clock run so fast?

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