rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hacking Through January

The chair at my computer desk is uncomfortably hard, so I folded a big, fluffy towel to put on it. It took about two hours for Portia to discover that the chair had been made comfortable. Now it's her favorite napping spot, and practically every time I want to use the computer I have to dislodge her from it. Of course she then wants lap time to compensate for being made to surrender her comfy spot. Then when on my lap she frequently pushes her head against my arm as I'm typing. She can't understand why I'd want to pet a keyboard when I have a cat handy.

It was 65 degrees today. It will be 65 degrees tomorrow. In fact it is supposed to be 65 degrees every day through Tuesday. I suppose if the weather is going to be monotonous in January, monotonous mildness is better than monotonous cold. It should help to keep the next utility bill lower than the most recent one, even though I've had to raise the thermostat by three degrees to keep myself from coughing constantly. Colds are expensive.

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