rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So my cold decided to morph into bronchitis. When that happens it usually lasts quite some time. If this instance lasts long enough, along about March or April it will merge into my usual spring allergies. That would be interesting. The pollen-induced sneezing will set off the coughing. It's too bad I missed the sale on tissues because I had a cold.

There was another nice sunset tonight, thanks to a swath of icy clouds hugging the western horizon. I had to watch through the window, of course, as going outside anytime after late afternoon sets off a coughing jag, and that would have disturbed the birds who had gathered on the utility wires to watch the evening. Being indoors prevented me from hearing the frogs' musical score to the event. I had to be satisfied with Portia purring with contentment at the unexpected half hour of extra lap time.

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