rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


When I have a cold I always end up watching a lot of television. The medium has not improved in recent years. The more channels there are, the less likely it becomes that I'll find anything to hold my interest. At any given hour, it seems that reruns are at least two thirds of what is available. There just isn't enough programming to fill all those channels. It wouldn't be so bad if more than a handful of those reruns were things that I'd have wanted to watch even when they were new, but they aren't, and I still don't want to see them.

I can't even find any movies I'd like to watch among the dozens available from the cable company's on demand feature. That feature appears to have become the last refuge of bad direct-to-video releases from the last thirty years. Perusing the list of what's available I'd be grateful to find even a Francis the Talking Mule movie, and I didn't think those especially amusing even when I was five years old.

As for the regular channels, when did advertising agencies decide that it would be a good idea to put whistling on the sound track of every single commercial? Now, as far as my ears go I'm a statistical outlier, and I could listen to fingernails on a blackboard all day long with minimal irritation, but my auditory apparatus is set up in such a way that whistling drives me batshit crazy. Certain notes boarder on painful, and having my sinuses stopped up doesn't change that. My thumb is sore from hitting the mute button on the remote.

Well, at least there is a mute button. It there weren't, I'd have to turn the television off and read a book, and reading when I have a cold gives me a headache. So does sitting at the computer, unfortunately. Goodnight, Internets. Maybe I'll recover enough to be less crabby by tomorrow.

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