rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I woke up with post-nasal drip this afternoon, and I've been sneezing all evening. It's a good thing I have many cans of soup on hand. If I come down with a cold at least I'll have something to eat. Of course I'd rather not come down with a cold, especially since the weather is still very chilly and I have to have the furnace on all the time. I always find furnace-heated air unpleasant, but it's particularly unpleasant when I have a cold. And it's supposed to start raining again by Tuesday.

My sleeping schedule has been weirder than usual for the last few days. Portia gets annoyed if I sleep during the parts of the day when she wants to be let outside, or the parts of the night when she wants to be play cat games like Chase the Wad of Paper. The television can end up running for hours if I fall asleep watching it, too, and wastes more electricity than I can afford to pay for. I also keep missing my window of opportunity to take a shower. If I'm getting a cold I'd better take one now, before I the disease is too advanced.

I was going to write something about the lopsided grin the crescent moon was wearing this evening, but got distrracted. Now it's too late. Here's midnight.

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