rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So I swept the accumulated dead leaves and other accumulated detritus out of the garage. Then the guy came to give the furnace its tuneup. After I dealt with that, I went back out to the garage and found a few hundred feathers on the floor. Portia had slaughtered a bird and brought its carcass into the garage to dismantle and devour. Those fluffy little pin feathers are hard to sweep. especially from the patch of carpet in front of the washer and dryer. They ball up and stick to the fibers. Stupid cat.

Anyway, now that the furnace has been serviced I hope it runs a bit more efficiently. Long term forecasts suggests that this winter will continue to be colder than average. As the tuneup cost about eighty bucks, I'd have to see about a 30% increase in efficiency over the next three months to break even, and I don't expect that, but even a mere 10-15% would be welcome. So far tonight, despite the night being as cold as recent nights, the furnace does not seem to be running as long in each cycle, so maybe a good chunk of last months bill was the result of some sort of clogging.

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