rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Guy Lombardo Is Still Dead

The new year will probably start off wet and get wetter. There might be snow, too, all the way down to 1000 feet. We did without a sunset tonight, the heavy clouds turning the sky that shade of steely blue-gray that often precedes snow. Smoke is curling from chimneys and wreathing the bony trees, but it will all soon vanish as night displaces dusk. I hope the electricity stays on. Having my arse frozen off does not strike me as good way to start a year.

If any snow that might accumulate tonight washes away by tomorrow afternoon, I hope to go shopping while everybody is watching football and the stores are not busy. That's my favorite thing about this holiday. It's worth going out in the rain just to have the stores to myself.

Now I have to go make my traditional holiday macaroni and cheese for dinner while I still have electricity for the oven. I might go outside and listen to the noise at midnight. The cold will probably drive me back in after thirty seconds or so. Happy New Year.

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