rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

To Naught

Neither today's storm nor yesterday's storm amounted to much after all. Yesterday afternoon there were a few snow flurries, some while the sun was shining, but nothing stuck on the ground. Today has been mostly sunny but very cold. The next storm isn't expected until Saturday, and then it will get a bit warmer— assuming the storm actually arrives. The clouds will make a nice blanket to hold in a bit of warmth.

A new television has arrived in my house, at no cost to me. Its screen is bigger than the old one's, but being about twenty years newer it is more energy efficient, even though it's still a CRT (nobody gives away LCD televisions yet.) The problem is it has no remote, and the only way to adjust the picture, which is currently both too red and too cool, is through an on-screen menu.

The menu can be accessed through clever manipulation of the buttons on the set itself (channel up/down and volume up/down) but the set is also lacking a user manual, so I have no idea how to work the combinations to get the results I want (I found a manual for a similar model online, but it only gives instructions for making picture adjustments using the missing remote.) However, the television was free, so I guess I can put up with people looking like they're suffering from terrible sunburns, and white lettering looking very blue.

I need to get better at timing my purchases of perishable foods. I have a bunch of things that are approaching their expiration dates, and I consequently must decide to either waste some of it or to endure multiple days of slumgullion-like repasts. Why must the potatoes look at me so with their reproachful eyes? Do I not suffer enough simply devouring them?

It's December 30th! Happy New Year's Eve Day Eve!

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