rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Looks like we could get snow tonight or tomorrow night, or both. Do not want. Even if there is no snow, there will be bone-chilling nocturnal cold (meaning California bone-chilling, which is not like Minnesota bone-chilling, for example, but nevertheless.) The good thing is that only the nights and early morning are apt to be snowy. The days will probably be warm enough to bring only more rain, which will dissolve the snow.

There's been rain all day, and the fallen leaves that remain in the back yard will probably be half rotted before I can get a chance to rake them. Those on dirt I plan to leave where they've fallen, that they might both lessen the mud and, in the longer run, enhance the soil, but I'd like to clear those on the lawn so that it can get some sunlight, should the sun ever reappear. This year is apt to end wet and gray. But at least it's ending.

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