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My washing machine has started going for walks. They are short walks, to be sure, but even an inch or two of movement on the part of a device that could reasonably be expected to remain put is a bit disturbing. Besides, those short walks can add up. After the machine has taken a few of them it can start rubbing up against the dryer. This is behavior of which I certainly cannot approve.

The dryer does what it's supposed to do, and offers me no nonsense. It knows where it stands, and stays there steadfastly. I like the dryer, and don't appreciate the washing machine's attempts to molest it. I'd have the washing machine arrested, but despite its disgraceful behavior I need it. The dryer alone, no matter how dependable, cannot clean my clothes. But if I could afford to replace the washing machine with another, more trustworthy appliance of its kind, I wouldn't hesitate to do so.

But while machinery grows restive, the season remains on its steady, though deplorable, course. A couple of days of sunlight are now to give way to the returning winter clouds, and there will be four or more days of rain. The good side of this is that the cloudy nights are not as cold as the clear ones. Tonight the stars are bright, but the air will probably freeze the water in the feral cats' bowl.

It's too bad the clear sky didn't arrive two nights ago. That was when the peak of the Geminid meteor shower came, but I couldn't see anything on that overcast night. I suppose there might still be a few meteors turning up tonight, but they'll be so infrequent it won't be worth my while to freeze my ass off in hope of seeing one or two. 2010 has been a washout for me as far as meteors go. I hope next year is better.

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