rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Oh, Internets!

ChaCha is a service that answers questions posted on its web site or texted to it over mobile phones, sort of like the defunct Google Answers. It's set up a bit like LJ Help, with thousands of trained monkeys picking questions to answer, only ChaCha's trained monkeys get paid (just barely.)

I found it amusing that on their web site they misspell Santa Claus.

They do, however, provide interesting bits of information which would probably never even be sought by a sensible person. For example, ChaCha informs us that revocate is not a word.

Yet at other times they can serve up a definition one could easily find in an online dictionary.

It is also the case that when asking ChaCha a question an article can apparently make all the difference.

But the site also performs the useful function of revealing that certain gaps might exist in our language. this one, for example.

It's also entertaining to watch the questions and thier associated answer fragments scroll by in the left column of their home page, and wonder who the hell is asking this crap?

Oh, Internets!

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