rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Lateness!

This is the second day in a row I've slept until almost dusk. The sky is too dark to wake me, and my alarm cat didn't go off. It was probably dusk most of the day, anyway, so even had I woken up at noon I'd have felt as though I'd overslept. I'm out of touch with the outside world in any case. Yesterday evening I noticed that a for-rent sign had gone up in front of the house next door, and I hadn't even realized that the former tenants of the house had moved out. I hope whoever moves in there next is as quiet as the last ones were. And that they don't have a dog. Farah likes to hang out in that back yard.

So I got to see forty five minutes or so of the sky looking bruised, but now its dark and the swirling clouds have lost all their detail. The street is not so dark as usual, though, as the first Christmas lights have gone up at three houses. The new battle in the War on Solstice begins! (Put the Sol back in Solstice!) Two houses have the faux icicles made of fairy lights that have become popular in recent years, and a third now sports a row of twinkling lights along its fence. Electric frost! As though we hadn't gotten enough of the real thing yet this year!

I just glanced out and saw The Nightwalker pass. That's somebody who goes for a walk in the evening with a flashlight, there being no streetlights here. I have no idea who it is. A mystery! In fact it's probably the same middle aged lady who often goes for a walk this time of day without a flashlight the rest of the year, but I like to pretend it's some mysterious stranger hiding under that white hoodie. Perhaps a ghost. Yeah, this place is pretty dull and I'm desperate for distraction.

Must post this entry before they take the database down for maintenance. But first, a Seasonal song via YouTube, to wish everyone a Merry Mas and A Happy Stice!

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