rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We had to throw November out with the leaves because it went bad. It went all Decembery. So far the first week of December looks like it's going to be what late November usually is— chilly and rainy but not cold enough to bring snow at this elevation. Thor has gone senile and forgotten how to read the calendar.

This afternoon the sky had some nice cloud striations, but those are now joining into a slate mass and obscuring the sun's decline. The western horizon still sports a few patches of blue, though. Monday and Tuesday brought splendidly lurid sunsets. These clouds will have to hurry if they're going to give today a dull, gray end. I'm watching for the first hint of red that will indicate they've lost. So far there's only a bit of gold.

There's a duller gold lining the street, where the dead leaves and crushed pine needles have been pushed by passing cars. The lawn is mostly green again, thanks to all the recent rain. The leaves remaining on the oak trees are brown, though, and the dark branches are half exposed. There will be no moonlight to reveal them tonight. The clouds are moving fast.

Ah, there's the slightest hint of pink beyond the orchard. Time to go out and watch the last of the day.
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