rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The two big, brown wheelie bins are now stuffed with leaves and waiting at the roadside. About twice as many leaves are still strewn throughout the yard. A surprisingly large number remain clinging to the trees. Why are there no beasts to eat all those dead leaves? I mean large beasts who'll eat them quickly, not diminutive insects and microorganisms who slowly convert them to soil. That just takes too long.

Somebody should breed a goat that likes fallen leaves and converts them to tasty milk. And goat droppings, of course, to condition and fertilize the ground. Goats are entertaining to watch, too. That would be something to see out the window while I'm stuck in the house because it's too cold to go outdoors.

I bought a six pack of Guinness when I went shopping Sunday. Guinness goes well with cold weather, as long as you drink it in a warm room. I might have a bottle later, but haven't decided what to have with it. Maybe a couple of fried potatoes, in the absence of proper chips. No fish in the house, alas.
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