rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Chill

It was my intention to de-leaf the back lawn this afternoon, before the next storm arrives, but then I overslept. Now the leaves will have to lie until Tuesday, the next dry day that might not be too cold. Unfortunately, Tuesday morning is when the yard waste wheelie bins are supposed to go out, and the next pickup will be two weeks later. It wasn't a problem when I used to mulch and compost yard wast. But now I'm required to pay to have the stuff hauled off whether I have it hauled off or not, so it's getting hauled off. At least that means less time spent outdoors in this uncommonly cold November.

Another complaint I have against this November is that the cold and the storms prevented me from seeing the Leonid meteor shower. As I missed all the earlier ones, too, and the Geminids come in December, which is apt to be cloudy and certain to be icy cold, that means I probably wont get to see any meteors this year. Bummer.

I haven't seen Tommy Two-tone for three days. Alger is probably happy at his absence, but I'm worried about him. Poor old cat isn't in very good shape, even though he has recovered somewhat from his injuries of last summer. I hope he's found a sheltered place with food nearby.

At least the string of nice sunsets is continuing. Plus the markets will soon have cheaper pomegranates and persimmons. Tasty autumn fruits. Yes.

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