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The snow isn't supposed to begin falling until Sunday, but the sky looks as though snow is on the way right now. Afternoon's thin, pearly clouds have been replaced by gray slate, and the damp air is bone-chilling. Maybe we'll be lucky and only get cold rain. If the snow arrives early, tomorrow's shopping trip will have to be called off.

Fortunately, I have plenty of canned goods on hand, and those can be heated on the gas range should the electricity fail and the oven be rendered unusable. Snow this early in the season almost always leads to power failures. The oak trees still have most of their leaves, which catch way more of the snow than bare branches do, and early snow is always wet and heavy, too. The overburdened limbs then break, taking power lines down with them as they fall.

My fruitless mulberry tree has dropped only a few leaves so far. I haven't even had to d o any raking in the front yard. In fact, most of its leaves are still green. The walnut tree in the back yard has finally turned gold, though, and looked very pretty this afternoon when the sun was still shining. Now it looks like tarnished brass.

The roof got mostly de-leafed today, and the rain gutters were cleaned out as well, so I won't have to worry about the downspouts getting clogged if there's heavy rain before the snow arrives. This is about as wintry a November day as I've seen since I came here decades ago. It seems odd that I haven't heard any flocks of geese or ducks or swans flying south yet this year, given how quickly the winter chill has set in. I hope the birds don't get stranded in a big storm before they can reach the fields and marshes in the central valley.

Alger, Farah, and Tommy Two-Tone have all been fed, and I hope that they, too, can find sheltered places to spend the next few days. There's a good chance that it will remain at least somewhat stormy through Wednesday. This could turn out to be a rough winter for the feral kitties. Spoiled house cat Portia is curled up having a nap. I wonder if she knows how lucky she is?

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