rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The roof repair didn't get tested yesterday after all, but it might get tested tonight. Hours of overcast made me nostalgic for the beach. When I lived in Los Angeles I always enjoyed going to the beach on overcast days. A bit of rain to pock the sand was a bonus, but even just the gray sky darkening the waves was enjoyable.

An overcast forest is less appealing. Forests are at their best when sunlight or moonlight falls through the trees and dapples the ground. But in the absence of an ocean, I made do with the steely reflection of the sky caught in the bowl of water the cats drink from and the birds bathe in. Not quite the Pacific, but pleasant.

Now I'm listening to a few drops of rain hitting the leaves of the mulberry tree outside my window. I hope there will be more. I'm in the mood for a rainy night, and the sooner the roof repair gets tested, the better.

Oh, an my house got selected for that follow-up survey from the census bureau, so I've got a long form to fill out. Well, if I weren't doing that I'd probably just be pissing the time away on the Internets anyway.

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