rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

A Sky Like a Moonlit Flock of Sheep

Puffy clouds have arrived and are spreading the moon's glow across the sky. There could be three days of rain on the way. Fire season has officially been declared over. Soon, the front lawn might even get wet enough to start turning green. My only problem is that the roof has not yet been repaired, so leakage will probably take place. Well, I'm also a bit worried about the feral cats being stuck out in the rain. And about Portia being stuck in the house, where she'll probably go stir crazy and start bouncing off the walls.

But aside from that, a nice, long rainstorm is going to be enjoyable. The last of summer's dust will be washed away, finally. There's plenty of soup and tea and cookies. No brownies until I get some eggs, though, and no eggs until Sunday. Oh, getting out in the rain to go grocery shopping isn't going to be much fun, either, but totally worth it. October rain! The next best rain to April's!

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