rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A few weeks ago this day would have felt mild, but in October it feels hot. It will be hotter tomorrow. Highs are expected to remain in the 80s through Thursday at least. Gusts of wind are bringing down more leaves, and the pine needles are starting to fall too. Gutter cleaning season is upon us. I don't want the gutters overflowing when the first big rainstorm arrives, even though it's fun to watch a waterfall pouring off of the roof. The waterfalls always dig trenches into the flower beds, and bits of mud splash onto the windows. Window cleaning is almost as unpleasant as gutter cleaning. Better to just keep the gutters clean so the windows don't have to be washed so often.

I've been rooting around trying to find my various user names and passwords for web sites I haven't had access to since I had to switch to the laptop. All my passwords were remembered by the copy of Opera that's trapped on the big computer. I've found a few that I had written down, but the one I want most, for Flickr, is still missing. The way Flickr is set up since yahoo bought it creates difficulty in changing the password, so I can't just do that. I guess I'll have to keep digging through old papers until I find the one with that password on it. The Interent is a fount of tediousness.

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