rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Beastly Dream

Late this afternoon I nodded off and dreamed I saw a stag running down the street. I woke to find that the sun had set and deep dusk was wrapping the trees. On the back porch, three feral cats were awaiting their belated dinner. Portia was sitting in the window, watching the stagless street. It took quite a while to shake off the grogginess. I still haven't shaken off the dream.

Sunday Verse

The Yak

by Hilaire Belloc

As a friend to the children commend me the Yak.   
   You will find it exactly the thing: 
It will carry and fetch, you can ride on its back,   
   Or lead it about with a string. 

The Tartar who dwells on the plains of Thibet   
   (A desolate region of snow) 
Has for centuries made it a nursery pet,   
   And surely the Tartar should know! 

Then tell your papa where the Yak can be got,   
   And if he is awfully rich 
He will buy you the creature—or else he will not. 
   (I cannot be positive which.)


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