rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Just After Midnight

Clouds began forming today, but so far there's been no thunder. The closest thing was a raccoon growling at me from the darkness outside the garage a while ago. Portia spotted the beast before I heard it, and she hopped onto a tall cabinet and peered into the night with her ears back. Here eyes are better than mine at spotting such things. I didn't seen them even with my flashlight. I finally turned on the front porch light and got a look at them crossing the lawn.

The raccoons might have been growling at Portia rather than me. I see them on the back porch frequently, as they raid the feral cats' food bowls, and they see me through the window but never growl. I've never heard them growl at the feral cats, on those rare occasions when they've seen one another, but then the feral cats are gray. Maybe the raccoons just don't like black and white kitties such as Portia, because they sort of resemble skunks. Raccoons are not big fans of skunks.

More clouds tomorrow today, and a slight chance of showers Monday. I'll be pleased to have them, provided there's not a lot of lightning with it.

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