rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


My head was yanked about again today, so my neck should be good for another month. Six weeks had passed since my previous appointment, and it was a bit too long, so this time I'm going back in five weeks. November! It might get cold by then. The ground will surely be covered with strewn leaves, and the squirrels will be gathering nuts. Night will fall not long after five o'clock, and will most likely be scented with fireplace smoke. With any luck there'll have been enough rain that the grass will be green. I'll have to rake to see it though.

For now we still have cicadas and a few crickets, singing with what I imagine to be insect delight that it has grown so warm again. A bit of heat doesn't bother me now, as I know it will soon end. It gives me a chance to use up some of my frozen confections. In fact I presciently bought a dozen fruit bars last Sunday, in anticipation of summer's curtain call. There are also some fresh raspberries. I'm snacking on them right now, and Portia is watching me. She probably wonders why I eat such unpleasant things when there is fresh cream in the refrigerator. Oh, hey! Raspberries and cream! Thanks for reminding me, kitty.

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