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Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Passage [Sep. 19th, 2010|11:57 pm]
A few showers can open a day like a flower blooming. The sun-splashed clouds gave the sky form, and then shared just enough of their own to deepen all the colors of the earth and release its fragrances. Each shower played the leaves, and then the sun's return would fill the trees with glittering light. Drying pavement changed shades like the clouds, then the clouds would darken them again.

All afternoon the world was at play. Night sent the play to the sky. The waxing moon now glows while veils dim and brighten it, borrowing its light for their slow dance, as they are drawn by a wind too distant to hear, that never stirs the dark trees. Here the damp persists, though no showers have fallen since dusk. The crickets chirp and cicadas buzz. All else is silence. Autumn has begun to enfold summer the way the clouds enfold the moon.

Sunday Verse

Clear, with Light, Variable Winds

by Amy Lowell

The fountain bent and straightened itself
In the night wind,
Blowing like a flower.
It gleamed and glittered,
A tall white lily,
Under the eye of the golden moon.
From a stone seat,
Beneath a blossoming lime,
The man watched it.
And the spray pattered
On the dim grass at his feet.

The fountain tossed its water,
Up and up, like silver marbles.
Is that an arm he sees?
And for one moment
Does he catch the moving curve
Of a thigh?
The fountain gurgled and splashed,
And the man's face was wet.

Is it singing that he hears?
A song of playing at ball?
The moonlight shines on the straight column of water,
And through it he sees a woman,
Tossing the water-balls.
Her breasts point outwards,
And the nipples are like buds of peonies.
Her flanks ripple as she plays,
And the water is not more undulating
Than the lines of her body.

"Come," she sings, "Poet!
Am I not more worth than your day ladies,
Covered with awkward stuffs,
Unreal, unbeautiful?
What do you fear in taking me?
Is not the night for poets?
I am your dream,
Recurrent as water,
Gemmed with the moon!"

She steps to the edge of the pool
And the water runs, rustling, down her sides.
She stretches out her arms,
And the fountain streams behind her
Like an opened veil.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In the morning the gardeners came to their work.
"There is something in the fountain," said one.
They shuddered as they laid their dead master
On the grass.
"I will close his eyes," said the head gardener,
"It is uncanny to see a dead man staring at the sun."