rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

How Cool Is That

Going outside today was like opening the oven to fetch dinner and feeling that wave of heat it releases. In fact the first time I went out this afternoon I suffered the brief, heat-induced delusion that I was a lasagna about to be baked. Then I felt a terrible disappointment on recalling that I would have only a can of chili beans and a salad for dinner.

As soon as the weather cools down enough that I can use the oven again without making the house intolerably hot I intend to have lasagna. I'm counting the days, and their number is three. By Saturday it should be in the mid seventies, with night dropping into the fifties. Tasty layers of cheese, pasta, and sauce will then be mine at last! In the meantime, I've still got some watermelon. But I'm so glad for the coming respite, and gladder still that summer will soon be over.
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