rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Maybe it's having the house closed up all day to keep it cool that's making me dopey. Too much carbon monoxide, not enough oxygen. Today I forgot more than I remembered, and then I fell asleep on the couch again, and today was better than yesterday— though only slightly. I'm also picturing mold spores working their way into my brain and flipping switches. Any minute now I'll probably start drooling.

So I woke up after dark and finally got the windows open, and now the cool, fresh evening air can come it. The screech of summer insects comes with it, alas. The cicadas are loud, and there's one bug nearby that makes me feel like I've got tinnitus. It's so distracting I can barely hear the pleasant chirps of the crickets. If only the crickets would eat the cicadas the night would be more enjoyable.

Also entering the window is bright moonlight. It has little impact while the lamp and the computer are on, though, so I think I'll turn those off and enjoy the moon's soft glow for a while. The whining of the fan and hard drive are almost as annoying as the cicadas anyway.

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