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Farah the feral cat now spends much of her time on the roof. From there she watches the other cats, and distresses the blue jays. Now and then I hear her take a solo romp from one place to another, so she must be having a good time. I suppose the roof is a nice enough place to hang out while the mild weather lasts, but she won't like it up there when the rainy season comes. Now that more cats are hanging around in the yard, I don't know where she'll go to get out of the rain, but kitties are resourceful. The rain is probably months off, anyway. The dry season usually lasts at least into November.

Portia has also decided to indulge in a common cat behavior. Three times recently she has brought birds into the garage and devoured them there. I go out to find scattered feathers and bird legs lying by the door. It's possible she's bringing them to me as gifts, but when I fail to appear and claim them she eats them herself. At least it cuts down on my cat food bill. I'd rather not have to sweep up the leavings, though. My other cats usually ate their kills on the lawn, which was much less messy.

Despite my failure to eat wild-caught birds, I'm not missing any meals. In fact I'm going to have to eat too much for the next couple of weeks. A few months ago I bought several tubs of cream cheese when it was on sale very cheap. Somehow they got shoved to the back of the refrigerator where I forgot about them until I stumbled across them today. They will all expire this month, so I'll have to down them or be guilty of false economy. I also bought too far ahead on tortillas. I wonder if I could make cream cheese burritos?

Today's head yanking went well, but I'm starting to feel a bit sore now. Back to the ice pack, I guess.

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