rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Phone delays again. While waiting I had some entertainment from the three feral kittens, who appeared together again for the first time in days. They are insufferably cute, and Alger is terrified of them. I have no idea why he has turned into such a cream puff all of a sudden, unless the kittens' dad beat him up. Two of them are pint-sized versions of the big tom, and when one of them appeared in the yard while Alger was eating Alger took off over the fence and hasn't come back yet. I haven't seen Farah since Friday evening. Having too many cats around brings too much drama.

Anyway the heat. It devoured Saturday and will devour Sunday as well, I'm sure. August is insatiable.

Also this:

Crude and Vicious Single-Sentence Rantlet:

If I ever meet up with the guy who invented the touch pad for laptops I'll yank his head out of his arse so fast it will snap his scrawny geek neck.

That is all.

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