rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Happy Friday the 13th! (Oh, wait. It's already the 14th in most places.)

The problem with my telephone is apparently heat-related. The line is dead during the day and comes back on in the evening. The hotter the day, the earlier the service goes away and the longer it takes to return. Today I had no telephone (and thus no Internets) until nine o'clock. I'd have to get up pretty early in the morning to call the telephone company and report the problem during business hours. I'm not getting up that early (or staying up until mid-morning, which is the other option.) That means I'll have to go somewhere else to make the call in the afternoon. Too bad I can't afford to get a cell phone. Visitors have told me the reception here is not half bad in certain parts of the yard. I'd bet it's even better on the roof. Technology bites.

While I'm without Internets the feral cats are keeping me entertained. One of the three new kittens has turned up again a couple of times. A big feral tom who is probably the father of at least two of the new kittens (and who I've run off in the past because he's given Alger and Portia a bad time) has started hanging around at night. I wouldn't welcome him if not for the fact that he is limping badly, and probably wouldn't survive if he had to fend for himself out in the competitive world of the fields and orchards.

Alger is not happy that the big cat is here, and he only comes in the yard when the big guy isn't around. Given the big cat's lame condition I think Alger could probably beat him up, but doesn't know that he could. I hope he doesn't figure it out, because I really don't want them fighting. When big cat has sufficiently recuperated I'll start chasing him away again, and Alger can have the yard back. In the meantime the amount of money I must spend on cat food has gone up, so I'll be at least as happy as Alger once big cat no longer needs welfare.

Another string of hot days is coming, but at least the nights are expected to remain cool. The moon is waxing and makes a pleasant sight each evening, and I've been using enough water on the shrubs that a few gardenias are still blooming and lightly scenting the night air. Crickets continue to chirp, and the coolness of the evening air brings to four the senses nature delights once the day's heat has begin to dissipate. Add a flavorful peach from the tree in the front yard and, at least for a while, I'm sunk in Sybaritic luxury. Who needs Internets anyway?

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