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Bites [Aug. 3rd, 2010|04:49 pm]
Guys came and installed a new digital electric meter today. I slept through it, so I didn't get to ask the guys to show me how to read it. I've looked all over PG&E's web site but can't find anything there about how to read it.

As I didn't know how to read the analog meter it replaced I guess there's no loss. I'm a bit disappointed, though. I was hoping it would be easy to see how much electricity I was using. I'll miss the little spinning disc, too. Plus the power was off for a couple of minutes, and now I have to reset the stupid digital clock on the oven.

Dogs will probably be more disappointed by the new meters than I am. The digital meters are read through a wireless network, so once the entire system has been converted (by 2012) the meter readers will go the way of the ice man. Mail carriers now ride in little trucks, ice men are long gone, and now meter readers will be unavailable. Who will the dogs bite? Dog owners will have to be ordering pizza all the time just so their dogs can get some jaw exercise.

I have no dog, of course, but pizza sounds good. Still, lacking a dog I'd have to bite the delivery guy myself. Technology was supposed to make our lives easier, but everything just gets more and more complicated! Bring back analog meters!