rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Orange You... No, No! I Mustn't!

A delta breeze is finally bringing much cooler nights. The house gets down to seventy degrees long before dawn. It's starting to feel less like Iowa and more like California again. However, one thing is making it not feel like California. There is a peculiar absence of valencia oranges from the markets. Instead, there are navel oranges imported from Australia.

This should be the peak of the season for valencias, but so far I've had none. It makes me think something has gone terribly wrong in California's orchards. Sure I have plenty of Florida orange juice, but unless you're a really sloppy drinker that's nowhere near as delightfully messy as biting into a fresh, juicy valencia.

The other thing bothering me is that it's already August and I still haven't found a casaba for less than 89 cents a pound. Where are the cheap casabas? They used to be the cheapest non-watermelon, non-cantaloupe melon you could buy, and now they're priced like crenshaws. Shameful!

In other news: I found that YouTube is loaded with videos about Edward Hopper, so I tried searching it for other artists. Turns out the place is loaded with stuff about almost any artist you can name. The Internet is voracious! Sooner or later it will devour everything, and of course it can spit the chewed pulp out on command. We and all that exists are to become ones and zeros, ones and zeros. What a fate!

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