rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Yesterday and Today

The peaches are almost ripe. I'm keeping an eye on the tree to see when the birds begin pecking at them. That's how you know they're ready to pick. So far they look good. The cool spring meant slow growth, but they've made up for lost time and many individual peaches will be large this year. That usually means they'll be sweet as well. Some years they are all small and a bit on the bland side. There aren't very many of them, though, so I'll have to be watchful if I'm to get any before the birds peck huge chunks out of all the best ones.

Nights have turned cool, allowing the attic to vent the days heat before the next day begins. I haven't had to use the air conditioner. That means a lower bill, which leaves more money to buy cat food. Instead of being impoverished by the utility company, I'll be impoverished by the exploding population of cats. For the last couple of days, mom cat, small gray cat, and Farrah have all been hanging out in my back yard. Alger shows up once or twice, usually late evening and early morning before dawn. I haven't seen the three new kittens for a couple of days , though. I don't know if they are hiding somewhere nearby or if something has happened to them. Food does disappear rapidly though, so maybe they are coming to eat while I'm not around. Unless raccoons are eating it.

It's the weekend already. I'll have to go shopping again. I continue to be gravely disappointed by the failure of science to invent those pills we were promised that would serve as a substitute for meals. If they existed I wouldn't have to shop for anything but beer and snacks, saving two hours a week. Popular Mechanics lied to me when I was a kid! I never got my hovercraft either. And where are the damned monorails? All I've got is this lousy computer. I have seen the future, and it's a disappointment.

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