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After all the complaining I've been doing about the heat, it turns out that California has been having below-average temperatures during July, just as it did during the spring. Maybe it's just felt unusually hot to me this month because the spring was, by comparison, so much cooler than usual.

Anyway, most of the world is heading for record temperatures this month while California is one of the few places enjoying relative coolness. This is thanks to the El Nino condition, but the current El Nino is now in decline. That means we will probably get back to normal sultriness before summer ends. And I'll have used up my quota of complaints! (Just kidding. Actually I have no quota, and am capable of endless complaining.)

One thing I'm sure of though is that the delta breezes that usually stir the leaves on summer afternoons and evenings aren't making it to the mountains this year. The air remains fairly calm, hour after hour, every day. Most likely the high deserts aren't heating up enough to create the powerful low pressure zone that would draft the air up the ridges and canyons faster.

I'm keeping an eye on the back yard to see if mom cat brings her pair of kittens around today. So far the only cat I've seen this afternoon is Alger's sister. As I've been unable to come up with a good name for her, I think I'll be unimaginative and call her Farrah. Farrah the feral cat. It's just that there are now so many feral cats that describing their activities becomes too convoluted when only Alger has a name.

Now I'd better make my dinner before I end up taking another unintended late afternoon nap. Yesterday's unintended nap led to me forgetting to put the trash can out, and I didn't wake up early enough today to get it out before the truck came. Now I'm stuck with extra trash for the week. Luckily the bin is less than 1/4 full, so I won't run out of room, but I still wish I'd gotten it out. It's really going to stink in this heat.

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