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Cattitude [Jul. 26th, 2010|11:49 pm]
Alger's mom finally brought some more kittens around. They were on my back porch this evening, helping themselves to the food I'd put out for Alger and his sister. There are only two kittens in the new litter. I suspect that the litter was larger but only these have survived. They appear to be almost half grown now, but they are entirely wild and they were utterly terrified when I spoke to them through the kitchen window. One of them has markings much like Alger's littermates, but the other is gray with a white chest. It probably had a different father.

The female gray cat who has been hanging around recently was in the yard at the same time as the mother and kittens. Alger's mom didn't run her off, so I'm wondering if the gray kitty is also one of Alger's siblings, but from a different litter. The new kittens are clearly as familiar with her as they are with their mom, and ran to her for protection when the saw me at the window, while their mom remained on the porch and hissed at me.

Anyway, I'm now feeding at least eight feral cats and at least one raccoon, in addition to Portia. Even if I only buy giant, economy-size bags of cheap dry cat food, this could get expensive. Maybe mom cat won't bring the new kittens around very often, though. She's obviously managed to feed them without my help so far, and might have brought them here only because she had a bad day hunting. As cute as the new kittens are I'd rather they didn't become a regular fixture. For one thing, I don't know how Alger will react to them, or how the mom cat would react to Alger if he went after the kittens. It's a situation fraught with potential for feline drama. Do not want!

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2010-07-27 05:05 pm (UTC)
>I'm now feeding at least eight feral cats and at least one raccoon, in addition to Portia.

great snakes. saint francis would approve, but i'm sorry about all the expense. i feed just one fat zack, and that gets pricey enough. that mama cat is, shall we say, prolific.
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[User Picture]From: flying_blind
2010-07-27 09:41 pm (UTC)
Worst of all, there's a burrowing rodent of some sort at large in my yard, and not one of those ingrates has caught it.
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