rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Random Stuff

The female feral kitty ventured into the front yard this evening and Portia treed her. The feral kitty is most likely about 80% grown now, but still not very big, so she probably never will be. She's also probably the only cat in the neighborhood that Portia could beat up. Alger is now big enough to hold his own against her, and will get a bit bigger. That's why I never let Portia out the back door. Either she'll beat up the female kitty or get beaten up by Alger. Multiple cats who don't get along with one another make for stress.

I will now complain about the heat: Heat! Enough!

It occurs to me that I have yet to buy a good casaba this summer. Something must have happened to the crop. Those in the stores have been puny and overpriced. Summer without casaba is unacceptable. I'd grow my own, but the soil here is not casaba-friendly, even when amended with compost.

I installed EPUB Reader, a Firefox add-on, but so far haven't found anything I want to read with it, even though Project Gutenberg has goatloads of texts using the format. Something with pictures would be nice, just to see how it handles them.
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