rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Chill, Summer!

A fair-sized wolf spider is hanging out by my back door. Not my favorite arachnid, but I don't squash members of this species unless they come into the house. This one will stay outdoors if she knows what's good for her. If she devours mosquitoes, she'll be fine, but she'd better not go after my crickets.

Speaking of crickets, I almost squashed one in the garage a few minutes ago. Spotting it just in time, I managed to sidestep it and preserve it to sing again. You'd think it would make some music in gratitude, but so far it remains silent. Of course it might be a female, and thus without the musical ability that only the males possess. I didn't get a very good look at it before it scurried behind a dust pan. I hope no large wolf spiders are lurking back there. Even if female it contributes to the concert, as attracting females is the motivation for the males' chirps. Not to mention the whole becoming-a-mom-to-an-entire-orchestra thing the females do.

Following a couple of moderately hot days, the scorching will return tomorrow. Worse, the coming nights will be warm as well, so the house won't cool off enough to be comfortable before the morning sun returns to reheat it. The time of not using the air conditioner might come to an end. At least the power bill that will arrive in a day or two won't be too bad, but a long spell of hot nights this month could make the bill that comes in August a budget disaster.

The fruit and vegetable surplus is shrinking rapidly, but there's still a long way to go. I've also managed to consume a moderate percentage of the bread on hand, but the milk is not going so fast, and I've eaten no eggs at all. I suppose I could make a fried egg sandwich on toast, but that's never been a favorite. I could put the milk into a more preservable form if I had an ice cream freezer. Perhaps it would be wise to invest on one of those, in case I get into this situation again. Or maybe I could just learn not to be seduced by bargain prices on half gallons of bovine glandular secretions.

I think the house had cooled off enough now that I can shower without the fear that I'll sweat so fast that I'll be unable to towel myself dry afterward. Hating summer.

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