rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In Which He Realises That He Must Plan Meals More Carefully

Somehow I've gotten too much perishable food into the house, and now I must gorge on fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and baked goods for the next few days or much of it will go bad. A cheese, watermelon, and celery sandwich doesn't sound especially palatable, though. Not even with onion and mayonnaise on it. What shall I do with it all? Aside from washing it down with lots of beer, of course. And there are cookies for desert after I chunder!

Aside from the anticipation of a revoltingly bizarre dinner, the day has been comparatively enjoyable. It didn't get as hot as yesterday, and the sun has now settled behind the pines so the air will soon cool off. The house only has to be brought down from 78 degrees, instead of the 80+ which made much of last night a misery. I still didn't succumb to the allure of the air conditioner, though. Instead, I napped, fitfully, my brain hosting dreams as arid as bleached bones in the desert. It should be easier to remain alert tonight.

Well, I can't put off dinner any longer. Maybe the sandwich won't be as bad as I expect. It surely won't be as bad as tomorrow's cantaloupe and cauliflower custard bread pudding with tomato basil cream cheese topping and fried potatoes. How do I get myself into these things? More importantly, how can I get myself out of them?

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