rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More of the Same

The string of sultry days continues, bringing brown fields and filling the air with the scent of dried grass and heated pine resin. The insects buzz day and night. Tonight, the perfume of the jasmine is accompanied by the faint smell of skunk. Both add interest to the atmosphere, but I do prefer the jasmine. It doesn't remind me of road kill.

Tomorrow Today or Sunday I'll have to go grocery shopping again. Eating is the bane of my existence. If not for hunger, I'd never have to venture into a supermarket, the only redeeming characteristic of which experience is that the buildings are air conditioned. Well, the fact that they also sell beer is redeeming, too, I suppose, but I long for a beer tap in my kitchen— one connected to an endless supply of my favorite beverage, so I wouldn't even have to venture forth to fetch kegs. Why is beer not provided by a public utility? The world is all wrong!

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