rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Irrigation is taking place tonight. The plants are very thirsty. The sourgrass got watered at dusk. Right now I've got the hose under the rose bushes in the back yard. Later the jasmine will get its share of water. The lawns will have to wait until another night. Cultivated landscapes are so demanding. The weeds seem to thrive whether I water of not.

I'd prefer a wild landscape if not for the fact that my cat comes back into the house covered in foxtails and nettles and burrs whenever she has wandered into a nearby area that is not cared for. A weedy landscape and a hairless cat would be ideal for summer, but I'm not shaving the cat. She has claws with which she would give me a retaliatory shave.

It was well over 90 degrees today, and could nudge 100 tomorrow. The heat has put me off my feed. It's eleven o'clock and I still haven't had dinner. For now, beer provides nourishment, but it also provides drowsiness. Nap.

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