rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Silence Is Grey

I didn't make an entry for two days. That's partly because I've been busy and partly because the Internets aren't as much fun on the laptop. It takes too long to do things, for one thing, and this keyboard is as annoying as can be. And I still want to disembowel whoever invented the touch pad.

Anyway. It's another warm but overcast day today. Overcast days in June worry me. They can bring thunderstorms, and thunderstorms can bring lightning, and lightning can set the forest on fire. Another summer spent inhaling smoke would be unwelcome. I don't think I've fully recovered from the summer of 2008 yet. But aside from the threat of a storm, it's a nice day. All that recent rain has kept everything green, and there are lots of flowers still blooming. The jasmine, unfortunately, is still being coy. It has plenty of buds but no blossoms.

A large bee keeps coming into my garage. Last night it got trapped there when I closed the door. I later went out to fetch some laundry and the bee dove at me repeatedly. I felt like the Empire State Building with King Kong on top of it, but I had no Kong to swat down the bee. I suppose I could have put Portia on my head, and she would have swatted at the bee, but getting my head poked by her claws would have been as bad as anything the bee could have done to me. I finally opened the garage door and went back into the house, and eventually the bee found its way to the great outdoors. But this afternoon the bee has returned. Such an exciting life I lead.

There are undoubtedly things I could be writing about, but I don't feel like writing. I suspect that my muse has been hanging out at the beach for the last few months. You'd think she could at least send me a card.

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