rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Probably because of the odd weather patterns recently, there is a whole new crop of dandelions coming up. I found a few decent ones that hadn't bloomed yet and picked them to add to a salad. They were a bit more bitter than I'd have liked, but still an interesting addition. I washed them well, but still hope none of the cats had sprayed them.

The big gray cat was here today, spending most of the afternoon. Alger stayed away. He's afraid of the big gray cat. His sister stuck around, though, despite the fact that she doesn't like the big gray cat much either. She growls at him when he gets to close. He doesn't growl back because he thinks he's going to get lucky. I'll have to keep an eye out for Alger tonight. He probably didn't get anything to eat today, unless he slaughtered a small creature somewhere else.

The clouds were nice all afternoon, no longer solid but broken into puffy white sheep-like herds. It got pretty warm, too. There will be days in the eighties next week. The sultry season begins. The dandelions will doubtlessly flourish.

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