rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A new cat has been hanging around. It's a small gray kitty, and looks like it could be a descendant of the gray cat who may or may not be Alger's father. In fact the first time I saw it I thought it was the gray cat, until I realized it was too small. Today it turned up when Alger and his sister were both outside. Though it is terrified of me and runs from the yard when I go out, it remained nearby and watched the other cats eat.

As Alger didn't run it off, I suspect it is a female. After Alger left, the gray cat came onto the porch and got a snack while Alger's sister watched. She didn't try to run the new cat off, either, but I think that's probably because she doesn't like to fight. I don't know what will come of Alger's tolerance of the new cat, but I suspect it will eventually be pregnancy. Alger is Gathering a harem!

It was mild again today, but overcast, and there is apt to be another rainstorm Friday. It's beginning to look as though the summer will be as odd as spring has been. I hope we don't get a monsoon season.

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