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Springy At Last [May. 14th, 2010|11:39 pm]
Last night the furnace stayed off all night for the first time this spring. That might be a record. Usually there are at least a few warm nights in April, and by May they are the norm most years. The gas company is undoubtedly manipulating the weather. Or maybe not, as the gas company is also the electric company, and while the cool nights increase gas usage, the mild days bring no need for air conditioning. I guess the weather is just a fluke.

The feral cats probably enjoyed the pleasant night, too, not to mention the clear sky. They've had to endure a lot of cold and rain this spring. Alger was hanging around for a few days, but seems to have found other interests now and shows up only for quick meals. His gravid litter mate, however, has been sticking close to the yard for a couple of weeks. She'll probably have her kittens nearby— most likely in the shed in my back yard. I might put a box out there for her.

But I hope she waits until after I get the yard mowed again. The foxtails have gotten so far ahead of me that the only way I'll get rid of them is by mowing. I'm sure a litter of kittens would not be happy if their first experiences of the world included somebody operating a mower nearby.

Now I'm going to eat oranges. Too bad there's no moon tonight. Moonlight and oranges are nice combination in spring.