rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

En Route to Ennui

Between bouts of sneezing I'm enjoying the spring. The computer hasn't been on very much, partly because I've been outside doing outside things, partly because I keep taking unintended naps which eat up my time, and partly because using the laptop is so much less enjoyable than using the desktop was. Also it seems to take much longer to get anything done with the laptop— maybe because I'm not used to it yet— so when I do get on the Internets I accomplish very little.

And I have little to say. Things are placid and unexciting, and I'm content to vegetate in the cool spring sunlight. But maybe not vegetate. The spring vegetation is surely less indolent than I. I'm more like a vernal pool slowly evaporating. I hope that mosquitoes don't decide to spawn in me.

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