rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cats Of the World Unite!

The female feral cat (Alger's unnamed littermate) is getting a bit chunky around the middle. I suspect that she is gravid. Her mom must have had her latest litter by now, and if she brings those kittens here and unnamed kitty has kittens too, I'll have three generations of feral cats hanging around. Enough! Too much, in fact. I'll have to call the feral cat removal organization.

I wonder if they'd be able to finish domesticating Alger and his sister? Alger does let me pet him, and his sister isn't as fearful of me as she once was. What the organization usually does is spay or neuter the older feral cats and then return them to their territory, while domesticating the kittens and placing them in homes. Grandma cat could probably never be domesticated, but Alger and his sister might have a chance, given their long relationship with me. Of course I'd miss them if they went somewhere else, but they'd probably be better off than they'd be living rough around here.

I wouldn't mind adopting them myself, but Portia would never stand for it. I also don't know how much longer I'll be living here, and when I leave it's quite likely I'd be unable to get a place where I could even keep Portia, let alone three cats.

Lunch was late today, and now I'm going to make pancakes for dinner. I was going to have cheese-related food, but my chunk of Monterey jack went bad, I'm otherwise entirely out of cheese. That means shopping must take place soon. The thought of it is almost enough to put me off my pancakes— but not quite. Mmmm, pancakes.
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