rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Spring (hack, wheeze) Is Here (ahchoo!)

The groundhog lied. Plants are budding and flowering like mad, pollen is floating on the warm breeze, birds are nesting, and all the green lichen on my shaded walk has dried up and turned brown in the heat. Oh Antihistamine, Goddess of Spring, go back to sleep!A February spring has never worked out well here. Within a few days, everything will be frozen up again, or drenched by rain that will wash away the pollen before the bees can collect it. In fact, the bees are noticable by their absence today. The hives may have been infested by those mites which troubled the bees a few years ago. Or maybe the bees know something that nothing else in nature seems to know. Maybe they know that it isn't really spring!
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