rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Technodolt's Lament

My computer began making a bad noise after bing on for about five minutes yesterday morning. At first I thought somebody in the neighborhood had fired up a leaf blower, but the torrential rain that was falling made that unlikely. I finally realized that the noise was coming from the computer. Given the nature of the noise I think it must be either a fan, or the hard drive is failing. I hope that Butch (the desktop) isn't going to go all Sluggo on me. Anyway, I shut the machine down as soon as I'd realized that it was the source of the noise, and haven't turned it on since.

Right now I'm on the handy laptop, Gladys. I plugged the AT&T modem into the appropriate spot and I'm connected to the Internet, but I'm not sure that it is actually using my connection. Before it connected, the machine found an unsecured local wireless network, and I might actually be connected through that. Oddly enough, the unsecured wireless network belongs to someone named Gladys. If Gladys (the laptop) and I are leeching off of the human Gladys's network, I offer her my apologies. The fact is that I'm still the same technodolt I was back when I first got Sluggo, and I have no idea how to fugure out if I'm on my AT&T service or on Gladys's network.

I also have no idea what to do about Butch. I opened him up and looked inside, but don't really know what I'm looking at. In short, I'm up a famous creek sans paddle. I probably won't be using the Internets much until I can get Butch repaired— just in case I am in indeed leaching on Gladys's network.

Oh, and i don't have my Opera-related spellcheck program on the laptop, so everybody will get to see just how bad my spelling (and keyboard) skillz are. I'll have to rely on LJ's spellcheck, and I have no patience with it so probably won't finish fixing the mistakes. I'm not accustomed to scrolling up and down with the laptop pad thingie, and LJ's spellcheck takes lots and lots of sccrolling.

Not pleased with computers right now. At least the rain and hail and thunder hve stopped and I can go out and see the sunlight for a while.

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