rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Pleasant Interlude

Portia and I were entertained this evening by a tiny dachshund being led down the street by a woman of quick pace and long stride. The little dog trotted so fast to keep up that its stubby legs were almost a blur. Portia had been reclining, watching me getting laundry from the dryer in the garage, and as soon as she spotted the pedestrian pair her eyes opened wide and she sat up. As they passed she ran to the door and watched them until they were out of sight, then looked at me and meowed, as though saying Did you see that strange little dog? It was indeed an odd event. I suppose it was a feline's equivalent of a scene from a Fellini movie.

The weather is decidedly springish now, and the dogwoods are in bloom. This afternoon I thought I smelled jasmine, though I knew it was much to early for it. The scent did not emanate from any plant in my yard, so someone nearby must have some sort of vegetation with jasmine-like perfume. I'd like to know what it is. My yard could use an earlier fragrance.

But despite today's balminess, wintry blasts are apt to return early next week. Well, wintry for California. Rain, with highs in the low fifties and nocturnal lows dipping close to forty will make late April feel like early March. The water will be welcome, of course, but I'd rather not have to run the furnace. I'm hoping that the utility bill arriving in May will be less than one hundred dollars. Too much belated chill will mean a more rapid decline in the bank balance. Away, winter!

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